Monday, October 18, 2010

Tea topic

Not too long ago I went to my favourite tea shop again for more new flovours and tastes.
Here is what I got this time.

Green tea Jasmine with flowers

To my opinion this blend didn't have enough of Jasmine flavour. So I probably would not buy it again

"Pai mu tan"
Stockholm blend

   White tea with orange, rose petals, saflowers vanila, apricot and calendula flowers.
   Full of flavour! One of my favourite blends now.


Black tea with caramel and vanila. Very tasty! Goes perfectly with milk.
"Srawberry cream"

   Black tea with strawberry, caramel and vanila.
   Lovely sweet taste strawberry smell is a bit too strong so best if you don't leave it brewing fot too long.


  1. Yummmmmm can I have a cup of the Strawberry Cream? That sounds lovely! I'm normally a coffee drinker, but that sounds amazing! Thanks for stopping by my place! :)

  2. Hi Jess! Thank you for the nice comment!
    Strawberry cream is one of my favourite. I am a huge tea lover, and planning to add more posts on this topic with the recipes and tea reviews.
    And I'll be looking forward to see you here again!

  3. Caramel and vanilla tea sounds good to me!

    Recently I stopped drinking my double double coffee and went to tea. I didn't put any milk or sugar in so it took a while to get used to drinking black tea. I actually like it now - and feel better about not consuming as much sugar.

    I look forward to your tea posts. Especially since I am a new tea drinker.

  4. Thank you for visiting and for the lovely comment!
    Caramel and vanila is probably the most perfect choice of tea if you're trying to switch from coffee drinking.
    Black tea by itself might seem a bit plain after strong coffee taste. You are brave! So flavoured tea in the beginning could be the way to go.

    I love tea myself, and soon I'm planning to post a few of my favourite tea recipes :)


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