Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day at the beach

We were lucky to have one sunny day amongst all this rain last week and it happened to fall on one of our days off. So we all went to the beach. I had been looking forward to go to the beach for quite awhile, but since we were having all of this rain lately, we had to put it off many times.
And now I'm thinking how lucky that we made use out of that one sunny day, because it's raining again, and the weather forecasts aren't very promising.

The beach we went to is located at Bribie Island which is not too far from where we are.
We already have been there once before, but yesterday we went to the different part of the island, which is located on the side of the bay on the entrance of Bribie Island just over the bridge.

It's the scenic part of the island. Walking along the coast you can observe an astonishing view of the majestic Glasshouse mountains. Comparing to the other side where the beaches lay along the ocean cost, this side is much more romantic. The walk along the beach is just beautiful. Quite and gentle waves hit the coast and disappear into the sparkly surface of the bay. The shady parkland right next to the beach allows you to hide away from the hot blazing sun.
There were so many butterflies flittering above the water and among the trees! That was quite amazing.
And I have never seen so many pelicans ever before! They were flying in the flock circling the bay and time to time landing on the water.

I think the best time to come and spend time over there would be the dusk. Very romantic.

"Hire a boat" place on the beach
Magnificent Glass House mountains outlook

Boats, boats, boats....

Romantic walk along the beach....
The sky was beautiful colour on the day, the colour of steel

Fishing is very popular here
White, white sand

Amazing to watch pelicans fly by in a flock

Bridge from the land to the island

Sunshine at the Sunshine Coast


  1. Beautiful looks like you had a great day!

  2. Thank you Amber! I am very happy to see you here!


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