Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Green shakes. New ideas

Well, it has been now over 2 weeks since we have started having these green shakes. I make them once or twice every day, and whole family loves them. Kids drink them too, and Stacy gets excited when she sees them. Quite exciting for me too, seeing my kids enjoying them so much and knowing that they haven't got any sugar in them, just fruit and heaps of greeny goodness!
We all sure feel ourselves better after having them too, I don't feel too tired if I haven't had enough sleep. These smoothies are full of nutrients, vitamins and energy!
Great for everybody.

I have done a bit more research about them and here is the link to an article I saw in the internet about the drinks. I have read it and recommend you to read it too. It's really interesting:
I have tried to experiment a bit more with my green shakes, but so far I have been making similar recipes. I've tried adding celery to my drinks, lettuce, cabbage, kiwis, cucumbers, bok choy and broccoli.
This one I made today: a half of broccoli, 2 celery sticks, a bunch of spinach, a bunch of parsley, 1 pear. Blend all together, add water if desired.

I can't get over how easy it is to drink them! And even easier to make them, doesn't take long. Lets fill up our bodies with healthiness!

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