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I am a Russian girl, now Australian, born in Moscow, living in a suburban town of Queensland with my husband, two children and two dogs. My kids are both at the toddler stage, so my main job at the moment is being a stay at home mum and a wife to my wonderful husband. Most of my days go crazyly busy, while I am looking after my hubby, tots and pups, but family has always been a first and most important priority for me and I would not change it for anything.
I am a Christian.
I've got a lot of hobbies and when I get a bit of spare time I like to paint pictures, take photographs, cook a variety of healthy and yummy foods, read books and write! I love craft and hand made things, I love beautiful poetry, music and I still really miss my home town where I grew up, but also deeply love my new home - Australia.
I would love to share with you my experience and my jorney.
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