Sunday, October 10, 2010

Time in our garden

All that rain we have been having lately is being really good for our garden. So I thank the God for this rain. Even though, we're having to spend most of the time at home. Still it is the reason to be thankful for. The climate in Queensland is tropical and can be very hot in summer, sometime it can go weeks without rain, so I'm gald our plants we have planted out are getting enough drink while they can.

In the beginning of the week we had a couple of sunny day, so I took a few pictures of our garden and the new plants which we have planted out recently, during the rainy days

Peach tree - a new addition in our garden
One more climbing plant to our collection

Red naked ladies, just came through
Lovely sunshine!

Wildlife on the branches of hibiscus

Fuchsia flower

Just love rosemary!


  1. Great photos Katerina! Your garden is doing so well with the rain.

  2. Thank you! Well at least all this rain is good for the garden :)

    Good to see you again!


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