Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Both my kids run away to play in the playroom on their own. I was going to read them "Winnie the Pooh" book, but Stacy said "No" to my plans, she had her own idea of what she wanted to do. So here I am spending a bit of time on my blog.

Today I have finished my new painting! Hurray!!! It is the reason for a celebration!!!

I believe, we should always celebrate our achievements, even if they are only small ones. For me completing another painting is a big deal. I don't have a lot of spare time at day time so painting one picture sometimes takes weeks or even months. In this case it took me months, I don't even remember when I started, but now it's done! And after celebration I can move onto the next one.

“It is important that you recognize your progress and take pride in your accomplishments. Share your achievements with others. Brag a little. The recognition and support of those around you is nurturing”
- Rosemarie Rossetti.

Starting something new is always exciting, continuing and working on the project and keeping yourself motivated and inspired is harder, but finishing the work is fun! So we always should celebrate our work, and keep inspiration coming back to us.

P.S I'll be posting photos of my painting some time soon, as soon as my internet speeds up (I've been having some problems with the internet lately).

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