Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Heavy rain and cup cakes

The weather lately is being really sporadic, it's been rainy and cool for about 2 weeks and then it got quite hot and sunny, and today it turned rainy again. The rain today was so heavy that our house nearly got flooded. But lucky it slowed down.

Me and kids ended up stuck at home again so we decided to do some craft, drawing and card making :) And later in the afternoon we baked cup cakes.

Here are the pictures of today:

Rain in our backyard

(: Yummy cup cakes :)


  1. Какие красавцы кексики у тебя получились, подружка моя!
    Я тоже собираюсь приготовить свои кексы, очень вкусные, потом рецептик в контакте выложу *)

  2. Самое оно для такой погоды =))
    Буду ждать твоего рецепта! *)

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