Thursday, September 23, 2010

Green energy shakes or healthy smoothies

We all have read and heard a lot about how good and healthy leafy green vegetables are for our bodies. The dark green leaves contain a lot of very important vitamins and minerals which are essential for our healthy wellbeing. By eating dark green vegetables every day you can prevent some major medical problems and diseases in the future. It gives you boost of vitamins and energy for your every day life and supports you when you need to fight the sickness or tiredness.
What can be healthier than that!
But it can be difficult to eat those greens in big amounts through out the day. I used to put some in the salad, some on the side of the meal, some in the sandwiches.... but it's not as much as we need to eat per day.
Recently I read an article online about Green Shakes, they are the drinks, kind of smoothies, you can make out of all sorts of leafy greens (spinach, parsley, coriander, beetroot leaves, carrot leaves, mint, cucumber baby leaves, zucchini leaves, etc, etc), mixing them with fruit and veggies.

When I first heard about it I doubted myself. I am not a fan of vegetable juice and I don't like to wash up after using the juicer. But I decided to look into the idea and to read a bit more about the green shakes.
The great thing about them I read, was how simple it is to make them. You just have to have ingredients handy. The ingredients aren't hard to find either. It's pretty much anything you've got at home, as long as you use lots of leafy greens, combining them with fruit, vegetables and water. Don't use any nuts, milk, oils or sugar, because it can ruin the goodness of the drinks.
And you don't have to use the juicer! By using the blender instead you get to consume all the goodness, nothing gets thrown out.

So far, I only tried this for a few days, but I am loving it already!
The shakes I've made turned out to be very tasty, even my kids loved them. I have troubles feeding my daughter any vegetables at all, but she was quite happy to drink mummy's green smoothie!
I only used some simple ingredients to begin with, but I am going to try more variations and I will post the recipes here.

Today I am going to share two Green shake recipes.

Banana, parsley and spinach smoothie
Ingredients for 1 drink: 1 banana, a handful of parsley, a handful of baby spinach.
Method: Blend them all together until smooth, add a bit of water. Enjoy!

Pear, parsley and spinach
For 1 drink you'll need: 1 pear, a handful of parsley, a handful of spinach.
Blend it all together, add water and it's ready to drink!

You don't have to add water, you can even eat it with the spoon.
It's best if you have the smoothie on the empty stomach, so it can better digest.


  1. Thank you for finding my blog! Yours is cute too!! I am going to have to give these a try. They sound weird, but I'll try anything once.

  2. Thank you for following my blog! :)
    I am going to post more recipes for the shakes soon.
    They sure do look a bit unusual, but surprisingly, they taste MUCH better than they look! You definitely should give them a try, they're soooooooooo good for you!

  3. Hi,

    To take at least a banana in breakfast is most helpful for our body, to add fruits in daily diet is always welcome. Thanks...

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  4. Always go for green food to maintain your health. Thanks for sharing that information.


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