Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Father's Day Special

"Life doesn’t come with an instruction book, that’s why we have fathers."
- H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
On Sunday our family was celebrating Father's Day.
Me and kids started preparing for this occasion a day before, secretly, while my husband was busy on computer, we gathered in the lounge-room, I got out my paints, paper, scissors and glue, we were making a card for our dear Daddy. Painting with kids was lots of fun, but it was a lot of mess too though :)
On actual day I got up early in the morning and baked fresh blueberry muffins for the morning coffee.
For dinner I decided to make my hubby his favourite meal: Indian Butter Chicken with Naan bread, all of it from scratch for the first time. It took me whole day to organize everything, marinate chicken, bake bread, cook and finely prepare this wonderful dish. But in the end, we had a beautiful meal for Father's Day dinner.

P.S Butter Chicken recipe is coming soon!


  1. какая прелесть, дорогая моя!!!
    Поздравь и от меня Брендана, я теперь частичка вашей семьи :)

    отпечатки ручек здорово получились.

  2. Было весело все это делать, готовить, рисовать...))
    Скоро еще рецепт добавлю *)

    Спасибо тебе за поздравления, подружка! =))


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