Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Movie night

I quite like to watch scary movies at night on my own, adds to the atmosphere :)
Tonight's movie left a very good impression, and sure was creepy! Just as I like it.

The movie I watched today was "Hide and Seek" 2005, psychological thriller film, starring Robert De Niro, Dakota Fanning.

The movie starts as a wife of a New York psychologist Dr. David Callaway kills herself in a bathtub, leaving her husband and a young daughter Emily dealing with grief and trauma.
Both father and daughter decide to temporarily move out from home to an old style house further away from the city. There Emily befriends a strange imaginary friend named Charlie, who causes a series of disturbing incidents. David gets worried about his daughter, tried to talk to her, but Emily doesn't want to assist him with any specific details about her friend. When "Charlie" causes death of a local woman Elizabeth, who David meet in town earlier, the story line changes and picks up a new unexpected turn.

The beginning of the movie is quite sad, but the following sequence of events builds up suspense pretty quickly. The movie gets your imagination going and makes you wonder what is actually going on, right until the end bit. Creepy moments and suspenseful music are very well done and keep you on the edge of your seat.
There were a few logic faults in the story line as well, but nothing too frustrating. The culmination was lacking a bit of originality (in my opinion, it was a big downfall of the whole movie). However the ending bit made up for it.
So in summary, all together we've got a pretty fine scary movie, full of suspense and tension as it suppose to be.
I would rate it 4 stars out of 5.

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