Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tea Topic

I have finally found a Tea shop in Brisbane!

With my kids, I always have a lot of things on my mind, and for a long time searching for the tea shop was not the first priority, but last weekend, I have decided not to put it away any more and enjoy the opportunity of travelling to the city, so I looked up their address.
The shop is called 'Tea Centre', it's located in the heart of Brisbane. The shop isn't big, but just perfect for a tea lovers. It's got everything you'd want! There is an excellent selection of tea choices: classic black, green, white, herbal and flavoured verity. Many of them delivered from all the different sides of the world.
Just Imagen the leaves were all picked by different people, collected, prepared, packaged and brought to this tiny cozy house of tea! The shelves are all packed up to the roof with large metal containers. They also got a nice selection of pretty tea pots, cups, and other interesting things for a tea party :)

I have not bought a lot for the first time, I've decided first of all to try out the shop.
This is what I have chosen. I got three different choices of tea: 1) "Happy Hour" (black tea with cinnamon and rose petal, 2) "Sydney Special" (Black & green tea with mango, jasmine flowers, rose flowers, cornflowers & calendula flowers) and 3) classic green "China Chun Mee Moon Palace".

"Sydney Special"

"Happy Hour"

"China Chun Mee Moon Palace"

I have chosen two types of flavoured teas. I do like when the tea got an extra flavour to it.

You can't taste the tea right at the shop, but you can smell the leaves. They offered me to taste the tea in the cafe situated not to far away from the shop, but I thought I'll choose by the ingredients, the description and the tea fragrance.
Mmm, I was looking forward to get home and taste what I've purchased!
It was a delicious experience! My favourite out of those three was "Happy Hour". I was not sure about "Sydney Special" at first, but the next day I tried it, I changed my mind, I actually liked it a lot.
I can't say I am a big fan of green tea, it always seemed a bit bitter to me, no matter which brand or type I tasted. However, I've learned something new about this kind of tea from the little brochure they gave me at the shop. Apparently, water used for brewing green tea should be below boiling point, with some fine green teas, the water can be as low as 70C. If you over brew your tea it will become bitter. That's it! So simple. And all this time this simple thing prevented me from enjoying green tea drinking! You learn something you every day of your life.
Well, now I know. And I did exactly as they said when I was brewing my new green tea "China Chun Mee Moon Palace", and it made a significant difference in flavour and taste.

I can't wait to try out more new and exciting flavours of tea they got there. I even got a list of what I'd like to taste next.
I'm already looking forward to going there again, Though, this place also got a web sight and they do delivery, which gives me an option of staying at home and ordering on my laptop. But I think I'd rather go there myself, just to experience friendly and cozy atmosphere of the quaint little tea house again.

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