Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Doing it all

Any mother knows the word "multitasking". It's only 10am now and I'm already spinning like a squirrel. Since I woke up I managed to tidy up the bedrooms, make breakfast, feed children, put little one to sleep, clean up in the kitchen, find the recipe and marinade the chicken for dinner, get the first load of washing done...... :)
In the mean time, my little one woke up and started climbing all over the couch, my oldest one picked up a box of sultanas and spilled them all over the floor in the lounge-room.
So I had to put the washing up in the kitchen on pause, clean up half squashed mess from the sultanas, come back do the washing and then I've noticed that my 
precious bubs got to the power point!
How do you stop your baby from playing with the power point?
I'd really love to know, 
punishment (I put him for a short time in his room by himself), well it does not seem to work at all. He gets so exited when he sees me walking into the room and catching him doing naughty things! And my daughter learned from her young brother that being naughty can be potential fun! It a disaster.
Now, they are both 
punished, they are sitting in their room together with the closed door. Not much of a punishment, hey? But what can I do, we only got one lockable safe, fully child proof room in our house - kids room.

Next on my schedule: change Chris' nappy, get him changed in the day-time clothes, feed him second breakfast (he didn't feel like eating much earlier), feed the dog, clean up after the dog (he is only a pup, so he still makes 
a lot of mess in the front-yard), hang the washing on the line, play with young ones, bake an apple cake, clean up again, than more washing, etcetc etc.
No time for resting any more......

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