Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My city

About Brisbane in a few photographs.


  1. Beautiful. Makes my city look so boring! Thanks for following my blog and friending me on 20sb. It does seem like we have some things in common; we'll get along great! =]

    Can't wait to read more posts.

    - Tiff

  2. Thank you for your comment, Tiff! It's nice to meet you and I'm sure we'll get long too! :)

  3. Надеюсь, что вскоре этот город и мне станет родным.
    Ведь вы мне теперь совсем родные!

  4. Thanks for sharing your photos, who knows if I'd ever see all those things otherwise :)

  5. To Natik-tatik: Подружка, тебе мы всегда здесь очень-очень рады!!! Ждем твоего следующего приезда *))

    To Augmented Gem: Thank you Shannon! I'm going to post more Brisbane's photos in the near future :)


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