Saturday, February 12, 2011

Where time does not exist

"I have never been able to grasp the meaning of time. 
I don't believe it exists. I've felt this again and again, 
when alone and out in nature. 
On such occasions, time does not exist. 
Nor does the future exist"

- Thor Heyerdahl
I have fallen in love with this park! We have visited it a few times now. The nature there reminds me of Russian nature, something so close to my heart. But at the same time it's so unique!



  1. Поскорей бы к вам приехать!
    Ужасно хочется побеситься с твоими малышами в этих местах и почаёвничать с тобой за2-3 чашечкаями вкусного чая!!!

  2. Bella! Bella! Bella(you and you're family are blessed for sure, Katerina:)!


  3. To Natik-tatik Подружка, а я то как жду тебя в гости! Так хочется увидется! :*

  4. To Cosmic
    So often I find we walk past such a beautiful places and don't even pay attention to them! It helps to take camera out ;) Nature is a wonderful place, where you can go and fully relax and enjoy just being alive!



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