Friday, February 4, 2011

Raw eating journal. Day 1

After drinking green smoothies every day for a few months, and trying to prepare a couple of raw meals, I came to the point where it's no longer enough for me. I just don't want to stop! I love challenges, and I want to move forward and make my diet even healthier. I am ready to make a new step towards raw eating.
I have decided that one day a week I'm going to eat raw vegetarian food. I am not organized enough yet to plan it for any longer than one day at a time, because, I need to research recipes, stock up my pantry for new food items, and even get some kitchen equipment along with all of this. So one step at a time.
I also want it to be a pleasurable experience for me and my family, and not a stressful one.

As a first step, I was researching raw food "cook" books, websites, I chose the recipes and wrote down ingredients which I need.

Today was my first day of raw eating.
I planned it ahead, I bought a few necessary ingredients to keep me going though the whole day, I have chosen the recipes I wanted to prepare, so everything was ready. In the morning when I woke up, first my thought was: "Oh, no! It's today!" My next thought, was "Finally, I am giving it a go!" I was very excited.
During the whole day I ate only raw and healthy fresh food, and I found it very enjoyable. It was not as hard as I imagined when I first thought about it. The best part is the way you feel after each meal, you feel no longer hungry, satisfied, but you also feel light, energized and ready to go!

Though, having said it was my first time, I also encounted a few minor problems or questions which came along.
1. I didn't know how many recipes I should chose, how many meals I'll need to prepare through the day and how much of each meal I'll eat.
And now from today's experience I can see, that this comes only with practise. You have to try each recipe yourself and see how much of it you need to satisfy your hunger.

2. I have noticed that during the day I was getting hungry quicker.
Fruit and veg are the biggest part of this diet, they get digested quickly in the stomach. So I ended up having about five meals through the day as apposed to my usual three, plus snacks.

3. I was afraid that it would take me a long time to assemble meals.
Well, this depends on the recipe difficulty as usual. But generally with a blender and a food processor, preparing meals is easy and quick, much faster than I thought it will be.
Some dishes you can make and store in the fridge until next time, while some are the best at the time they are made.

My next problem is the fact that at the moment I don't have enough kitchen equipment to try out all different recipes and the other problem is that some ingredients aren't that easy to get hold of.

But after today, as a result I want to say, that raw eating is a wonderful experience, it is so natural for humans to eat vegetarian raw food, you feel much healthier and more responsible for your body. I definitely wish to continue, in the beginning - one day a week, and then may be more, who knows! However if I'd have all the necessary ingredients right now, I would just keep going.

Later on I'm going to post the recipes I have tried out today.


  1. как же я жду тех дней, что снова к тебе в гости приеду!
    Теперь мы будем питаться сырыми продуктами ))
    И кажется, ты со мной подсядешь на морковный сок!!!

  2. И я тоже жду, с огромным нетерпением! Ты не представляешь как много у сыроедов рецептов потрясающих, каких только блюд у них нет! Вместе с тобой сможем кое-какие рецепты распробовать *))

  3. что ж, будем вместе идти к идеальному телу и стабильному здоровью!
    помнишь, фотку с девушкой, красивое тело у которой )) вт, ы такие же будет скоро!

  4. Похоже на то! :) В любом случае, с правильным питанием, твоими танцами и моим плаваньем, мы стобой будем выглядить отлично!

  5. Ну, а главное - здоровье!

  6. I find this all very interesting Katerina. I look forward to following you as you progress on your raw food diet and the recipes you've tried. Maybe I will even try one of them out myself one day. I can see how it could take some time to get used to but would be of great benefit to your body. Good stuff.


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