Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wettest Summer on record

I know in the past I have mentioned a few times that we have been having a wet season here in Queensland Australia, but to add more to it, now it is official - Queensland is having its wettest summer on record and the year 2010 was named a third wettest year on record Australia wide. Weather reports aren't looking that good either, The Bureau of Meteorology says the rain could continue until March.

Here are some pictures of the floods, I have found in the internet (click to see the source).

It doesn't sound very promising, looks like we are going to miss out on summer. Though, I should be VERY thankful to God that our house has not been flooded. Floods affected many areas of Queensland, it has been a worst natural disaster in the history of the state.

On the train on the way home from our trip to Gold Coast I took myself a few pictures of the flooded areas which we were going past. Here are some of them (sorry the quality is not that good).

On this note I wish to say, that this is my 100th post, a little milestone for my blog :)
Thank you to all my readers for sharing my journey with me!


  1. Stay safe. I can't believe how much rain you guys are getting.

  2. Happy 100th post!
    I am so sorry about the flooding. Had no idea how bad it was and these pictures really bring it home. I am glad you haven’t been flooded and pray the rain goes away for evertyhing to dry up.


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