Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas preparations

It's the beginning of December, and Christmas and New Year are coming soon!

I've been very busy lately with all the preparations, plus my laptop broke, so I have not been able to go online that often any more. Though, it's good to have a break from the virtual world and spend some quality time doing usual house work, having fun with the kids and getting ready for Summer Holidays.
It's summer in Australia but the weather is being pretty brisk for this time of the year, rainy and cloudy most days. Just as well, I still can't get used to hot Aussie Christmas's, and this weather is just a tiny little bit closer to European weather around Christmas time :)

Here is a few things which I have been doing through this rainy week at home.
Decorating a Christmas tree

Making Christmas present's tags

Painting pine cones for the house decoration

So, a few things are done: Christmas shopping, decorationg the house, setting up a Christmas tree, sedning presents overseas. And we still got a few things ahead of us: wraping up presents, sending greeting's cards, catching up with friends and relatives. And then, New Year and Christmas!


  1. какие красивые игрушки! Настроение ещё более новогодним стало :)

  2. Love your ornaments! I have some red balls similar to yours and they really brighten up the tree!


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